Bring your history, geography and current affairs classes to life with these free multi-media, visual offerings from the Veterans National Education Program (V-NEP).  Full documentary films, short video clips, lesson plans, discussion points and an interactive World Map chock-full of video selections transport students to the front lines of combat or the far-away deserts of the Middle East.  V-NEP strives to teach students not only about history and other cultures around the world, but to critically think about the lessons young people can learn from yesterday and to explore the complex global issues we face today.  Select a topic, launch the video or map and watch your students engage! Keystone on Demand brings engaging and educational learning opportunities through live, and pre-recorded visits from world renowned authors. Policy initiative updates from the Department of Education. Interviews and events from across the country, and around the globe. Connecting educators in real time for high-quality professional development.

Keystone On Demand

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